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“Census Group is a mission led business committed to changing people’s lives by delivering sustainable, social and economic integration, to those furthest from the job market. We support the reform and rehabilitation of serving offenders through the effective delivery of in custody work experience and training which leads to a reduction in re-offending 10 x that of the national average”

Ian Carrel


Census Group is a business services company committed to changing peoples lives by delivering sustainable, social and economic integration, to those furthest from the job market. Our work and subsequent social outcomes are changing public perceptions about working with offenders both in custody and on release to reduce re-offending rates. We change the lives of offenders and their families through our strategic, long term partnerships with the Ministry of Justice and organisations such as Interserve, Sodexo, Serco, Tempus Novo and Prosper4 all actively working in the justice sector. As our business continues to grow we are working to launch our first training and employment 'Academy' to provide the kind of tailored support our service users need to help find meaningful and sustained and employment.

Learning & Education

In addition to the customer management work experience provided daily to 300 serving offenders, we strongly believe that relevant, recognised and accredited qualifications delivered through an integrated approach enriches this work experience and significantly improves employment opportunities upon release in turn helping keep our communities safe. 


Census Group

Census Group is a mission led organisation focussed on helping reduce reoffending. Through our work experience and training programmes we have a track record of delivering reform and rehabilitation to both serving offenders and those living in our communities. Over the past five years working across 27 prisons we have provided service sector work experience to over 5,000 serving offenders. In the past year alone this has led to 127 offenders finding work on release. With a reoffending rate of less than 8% we saved the UK tax-payer over £7 million in 2017 and made our local communities safer places.



Census Life

Census Life is our newly formed Social Enterprise. Through Census Life we aim to develop tailored learning and development alongside meaningful work experience to support youth, male and female ex-offenders into sustained employment. We have partnered with David Thomson http://www.davidthomson.com who has developed a completely unique 12 week sales transformation course that changes lives. Coupled to this we are working to provide affordable housing and residential support as well as wrap-around services to help colleagues with any individual challenges they are living with. 

Company Facts

  • On 21st April 2018 Census Group were honoured to receive a 'Queen's Award for Enterprise' in the 'Promoting Opportunity' catagory
  • In March this year we were awarded the 2018 'Responsible Business' Award from the Centre for Social Justice
  • Census Group has provided training, work experience and support to over 5,000 serving offenders over the past five years
  • We work with over 300 colleagues and during the past five years delivered work experience in 27 prisons, helping change lives and employment prospects on release
  • Census Group really do change lives. In 2017 we supported 127 men and women into full time employment delivering a saving to the tax payer of over £7m
  • During 2018 our Academies will have the potential to continue supporting those furthest from the job market back into employment
  • In 2015 we won the National Redemption & Justice 'Employer of the Year' award
  • Only 8% of colleagues that work with Census Group go on to re-offend compared with the national average of 59%
  • Our work has been commended by the likes of Dame Sally Coates, former Prisons Minister's Andrew Selous MP and Sam Gyimah MP, the former Justice Secretary Liz Truss MP and recently the Shadow Chancellor Richard Burgon

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While many organisations work inside prisons, and offer options for prisoners, few do the job as well as the Census Group. There is real, genuine training, proper mentoring, real work to do, and (and most importantly) the opportunities for work beyond prison - both in Census Group offices, and as home-workers. I have visited 38 jails as part of our work - in the ones where Census Group work, there is a marked difference in focus, work-readiness, and "real-life". The self- same model should be adopted as "pre-apprenticeship training academies" by other industrial employers - construction businesses, hospitality operators, warehousing providers, and IT units because what they do is truly visionary

Michael Corrigan, an ex-offender and Managing Director of the social enterprise business he founded, Prosper 4

Working with Census Group is proving to be great for creating real working opportunities in a custodial environment that provides real links to employment on release. Working in the customer management sector provides learners with the opportunity to gain real work experience working on real projects whilst at the same time gaining relevant qualifications to help improve their employment opportunities on release. Employment in the customer management sector has a number of benefits for prisoners who are released. The flexible times and locations they can work in mean that employment can fit in with other important commitments. Being able to source regular income from employment that fits their needs is a major contributor to reducing re-offending

Steve Jones, Head of Justice for Sodexo

Census Group are tackling a very difficult segment of society, but having worked closely with them I can see why they are successful. Their person centred approach and determination to see everyone into long term sustainable employment is a real credit to them. It is a fact that a job reduces the chances of someone reoffending by up to 50%, but it also makes communities more prosperous and our streets safer

Steve Freer is a former Prison Officer and worked at Wormwood Scrubs for many years. He is a co-founder of Tempus Novo, a charity which like us, looks to help ex-offenders into work

The work that Census Group have pioneered in providing not just jobs but careers for people who have offended is groundbreaking. Just a few years ago, the idea that serving prisoners would be delivering high quality customer service to high street brands would have been unthinkable. Census Group have re-set the expectations we have of meaningful work in prison, and have helped hundreds of prisoners change their lives

Yvonne Thomas, Managing Director, Justice, Interserve

Census Group and HMPPS have pioneered and managed the development of customer service employment in our prisons for the last five years. Offenders are learning 'in-demand' skills whilst in custody which is enhancing their employment opportunities upon release. During our partnership, Census have provided over 100 employment, training and educational outcomes to offenders on release. This is a significant aspect of their support for prisoners and contributes to our drive to reduce reoffending by helping gain employment and lead law abiding lives. Census Group continue to provide innovative programmes and broaden their work with us, challenging offenders to gain valuable, realistic work experience whilst serving their sentence

Lance Harris, Business Development Manager at One 3 One Solutions (part of HMPPS)
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